The Why Behind: The Starting Entreprenuer Candle

The Why Behind: The Starting Entreprenuer Candle

Here’s a confession – I never had a lemonade stand when I was a kid. But man, I longed to be one of those kids that did. There’s something so great about being young and having so many big, entrepreneurial dreams and just going for them. Personally, it took me until I was a full adult before I

started my first business. I never really thought I’d be an entrepreneur, and never knew I had it in me to succeed. But even now, I admire the kids who give it a go without all the fear of start-up costs and what-ifs.
So here’s to the businessmen – whether you sell sweets on the playground or you have the next big thing in your back pocket. This candle’s for you.
(PS: it also smells like Refreshers. So there’s that).


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