Life Gave Me Lemons - Lemon Candle

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Size: 24 Hour
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Turn life's lemons into a burst of sunshine with "Life Gave Me Lemons," a vibrant lemon-scented candle that invigorates your space with the zesty, uplifting aroma of freshly squeezed lemons. This cheerful fragrance is a celebration of positivity and resilience, designed to brighten your mood and energize your spirit.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: Fresh Lemon Zest, Sparkling Citrus
  • Heart Notes: Lemongrass, Sugarcane
  • Base Notes: Light Musk, Clean Linen

As you light "Life Gave Me Lemons," the initial burst of fresh lemon zest and sparkling citrus fills the air with a lively, refreshing scent that instantly revitalizes your senses. The heart notes of lemongrass and sugarcane add a sweet, herbal depth, enhancing the overall brightness of the fragrance. The base notes of light musk and clean linen provide a subtle, grounding finish, creating a well-rounded and invigorating aroma.

Perfect for lifting your spirits and creating a refreshing ambiance, "Life Gave Me Lemons" is your go-to companion for moments when you need a boost of energy and positivity. Light this candle, and let the zesty, joyful scent turn your day around, reminding you to embrace the brightness and zest of life, no matter what it brings.

  • Rapeseed & Coconut Wax
  • Longer burn times than store-bought candles
  • Super strong scents


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Size and Burn Times:

  • 24 Hour candle - 125ml - 60(d) x 60(h)mm
  • 40 Hour candle - 250ml - 75(d) x 80(h)mm
  • 80 Hour candle - 800ml - 115(d) x 120(h)mm