The Why Behind : The Lumberjack Candle

The Why Behind : The Lumberjack Candle

When I smell this candle, I remember a trip I took to Centerparcs when I was young. Centerparcs is a very British getaway: a weekend stay in a forest hut with minimal heating, where you’ve a 98% chance of being drowned in the rain. But it was glorious. In my memory, that one trip to Centerparcs looked just like an advert. My parents, my brother and I cycled through the forest, tyres crunching over pine needles, nostrils full of wind and the smell of living, breathing wood. I remember cycling with my father into the woods by our house that same autumn, recapturing the holiday magic as we searched for chestnuts on the forest floor. This candle smells like fresh earth and fresh air; like watching the sun bow its head past the treetops on a September evening. In the forest, I live in a state of awe – so overcome by the magnitude of those vast, ancient trees that I forget all my worries. That’s what this candle smells of: peace; that tranquil joy you only find in the dark heart of the woods.

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