Wild Mint Wax Melts

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A fresh and invigorating scent that takes you on a journey through untamed landscapes with the exhilarating aroma of wild mint. Immerse yourself in the crisp, aromatic embrace as this candle transforms your man cave into a sanctuary of natural vitality and rugged freshness.

Whether you're unwinding after a day of outdoor adventures or seeking to infuse your man cave with the spirit of untamed nature, the Wild Mint Wax Melt is the perfect choice. Its distinctive fragrance captures the essence of a revitalizing and invigorating space, bringing the allure of wild mint's freshness into your haven. Elevate your man cave with the Wild Mint Wax Melt, where every moment becomes a celebration of masculine vitality and natural exploration.

Burn times: approximately 80 hours total

Made on demand, if we have stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours, if we're currently out, it will ship within a week.