Cherry Picker - Cherry Amaretto Candle

Size: 24 Hour
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Elevate your senses with "Cherry Picker," a cherry amaretto scented candle that blends the robust energy of industrial machinery with the sweet sophistication of cherries and almonds. This unique fragrance pays homage to the power and precision of cherry picker machinery, while delivering a delightful and aromatic experience reminiscent of a decadent cherry dessert.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: Juicy Cherries, Sweet Almond
  • Heart Notes: Amaretto, Hints of Vanilla
  • Base Notes: Warm Amber, Soft Musk

When you light "Cherry Picker," the initial burst of juicy cherries and sweet almond instantly transports you to a bustling orchard, where the vibrant scent of ripe cherries fills the air. The heart of the fragrance reveals the rich, nutty aroma of amaretto, complemented by subtle hints of vanilla that add a layer of creamy sophistication. The base notes of warm amber and soft musk ground the scent, providing a warm and inviting finish that lingers.

Perfect for those who appreciate both the industrious spirit and the sweet indulgence of life, "Cherry Picker" brings a touch of mechanical marvel and culinary delight into your home. Light this candle, and let the robust and delightful fragrance elevate your senses, as you imagine the powerful cherry picker machinery reaching for the ripest, juiciest cherries high above.

  • Rapeseed & Coconut Wax
  • Longer burn times than store-bought candles
  • Super strong scents


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Size and Burn Times:

  • 24 Hour candle - 125ml - 60(d) x 60(h)mm
  • 40 Hour candle - 250ml - 75(d) x 80(h)mm
  • 80 Hour candle - 800ml - 115(d) x 120(h)mm