Candle Scent Samples

Find the scent that speaks to your soul!

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Gotta smell 'em all!

Discover your perfect fragrance with our Candle Sample Scent Tins.  Perfect for those who love to explore different aromas before committing to a larger size, these tins are a great way to find your new favorite candle.

Why Choose Scent Samples?

  • Choose your own custom Sample Scent Selection, allowing you to try out the scents that most intrigue you before committing to a larger candle.
  • Fancy a scented tealight? These sample tins are the perfect size for a single-use tealight. 
  • Not sure what your friend's favourite scent is? Why not buy a few sample tins before a bigger purchase, to find out their preferences?
  • Like our range of larger candles, these sample tins are made with natural wax and infused with high-quality essential oils, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn.
  • Our tins are designed to be recyclable and reusable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Ordering Details:

  • Minimum Purchase: To ensure a comprehensive sampling experience, a minimum of 3 tins is required per order.
  • Custom Selection: Choose from our curated collections or mix and match to create your personalized assortment.

Explore the world of fragrances with our Candle Sample Scent Tins and find the scent that speaks to your soul.