The Why Behind : Cappucino, 1 Sugar Candle

The Why Behind : Cappucino, 1 Sugar Candle

It has to be said, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. But there’s always been something about the smell that makes my heart leap (and it’s not just the caffeine).
For me, the smell of coffee always reminds me of the train station. I love train stations: the anticipation of waiting for your next adventure, or for someone you love to arrive home at last. I love that moment of sitting down and taking it all in before the next step of the journey.

And when you’re there – in that short moment between trains, when you pause for just a breather – the air smells like coffee.

There are coffee shops and stalls all over a train station: vendors making lattes
and americanos and cappuccinos, people flitting this way and that from platform to platform, wafting that aroma from their polystyrene cups.

Coffee smells like anticipation. It’s that drink you grab on the go; you feel it heating your hands all the way to the platform, carry it onboard, take that first sip as the train pulls away.

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